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Bookkeeping and Compliance- Finding an expert bookkeeper is one of the most vital steps for a business to be taken. Why?

Let’s say it is all about adhering to a rule or standard policy. There are plenty of business losses taken place to little errors perpetrated by bookkeepers. That’s why you need to be real cautious about who you trust to take care of your financial services.

If you are trying to grow your business in the right way you have to find the best team of bookkeepers as they need to make sure that your company’s financial matters are being handled based on the rules and laws.

Bookkeeping and Compliance; Why Do you Need to Care?

A professional bookkeeper can never harm your compliance record or reputation and this is all you need to grow a stable business, so being aware of the rules in and out is the best service we can provide to save your business from big losses.

Why You Cannot Take Care of the Financial Affairs?

Hopefully having us take care of your financial affairs allows you to put your energy on other things such as process improvement, tax planning, or people management.

What Does Our Team Offer?

We provide services such as:

  • Monthly and annual bookkeeping
  • Preparation of GST returns
  • Preparation of PST returns
  • Preparation of WCB
  • T4s, T5s, and payroll

About monthly and annual Bookkeeping and Compliance

The Oraclecpa team is a fit for small businesses to keep your financial records up to date especially when you don’t have enough accounting knowledge in bookkeeping software. So, you can get our services whether monthly or annually.

Preparation of GST Returns

GST (goods and service tax) return filling works as a bridge between the governments and the taxpayers. The process of the tax return filing is crucial as tiny errors can make your filling tax report rejected by governments, so you will need a qualified person or team to file the reports in a way that is based on the regulations and contains all the information about sales & purchases, declaration of tax liability, payment of taxes that are required by the governments.

Preparation of PST Returns

PST stands for provincial sales taxes that are required province to province in Canadian provinces such as Frase hill, Surrey, Langley, and Burnaby. The provincial sales tax is collected separately from a federal sales tax. Our team ensures to make a peaceful mindset for the newcomers within the purview.

Preparation of WCB

What is the most important thing for the workers to do their job? The salary? The environment? But what if they cannot work for a short time because of an injury caused at work for them?

WCB stands for (Workers’ Compensation Board) so what is WBC? And what does it do for workers?

The worker’s compensation board deals with workplace safety. If workers are injured in the workplace WCB can provide management of aspects of compensation for time off due to injury. Our team can help you make sure about your employees’ safety by taking care of the issues or records for WCB so that they can work in peace and not be worried about their lost wages during the injury recovery.

T4s, T5s, and payroll

Whether you are an employer, shareholder, or an employee you will need an accountant to calculate the T4 and T5 because they are the most common payroll slips in your business possession. The detailed reports have to be provided to the CRA so you may need the Oraclecpa team to serve the service most easily.

Why Do You Need a bookkeeper?

The main reason to have a bookkeeper is to track all your business activities correctly.

However, you may ask why I cannot track everything and work individually the answer to the particular question is that as a newcomer you may not be able to do everything at once, you may need energy to dedicate to more important affairs so having qualified people on your side would be a win.

How Can You Trust Us about Bookkeeping and Compliance?

Our team ensures you get the service in time and before the deadline, however, it is economical.

Our company’s experts make sure that everything is being done under obeying the rules and so that you cannot worry about the financial services.

Our team of Oraclecpa makes sure that you are stepping on the right track and staying on it so you can feel the progress in your business and grow it in the best way. If you need our bookkeeping services, you can contact us here.

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