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What is business tax planning? Why is it so important? Can I do business tax planning all on my own? These are the most commonly asked questions about business tax planning. Follow Oraclecpa to learn all about business tax planning.

Starting a New Business

When you start a new business all you need to do is to focus on the next steps. You may be told many times that as a newcomer you have big responsibilities. As a result, you need to be really careful about your duties. Business tax planning is one of the most important jobs. Business tax planning needs special skills since it is delicate and vital.

All you need to do is to find a delicate qualified team as Oraclecpa provides.

What Is Business Tax Planning?

If you set the taxes well organized and logical what you get at the end of the year is pure profit.

There are many ways in which you can improve a business.

As a newcomer, at first you can be too confused and you may not know how to organize the taxes. However, what we suggest is not to do it on your own.

You will need a tax planner to do so. In this way, you can be relaxed and wait for the results at the end of the tax year.

Who Are Tax Planners?

Tax planners are accountants that are allowed to analyze bookkeeper’s reports and as a result they can provide the best ways to ditch the taxes legally. When you start a new job or business you do not want to mess with laws. So, you need to do things in the most legal way.

Business tax planning needs special skills. Because if it is done imperfectly it will lead to losses.

All you need to do is to know how to find the best group of accountants.

Does Oraclecpa Have Tax Planners?

The answer to this question is absolutely ‘Yes.’ Tax planners are to be qualified and careful. What they do makes the future of  a company. Taxes are different in types but one of the most important taxes are related to the business taxes. Business tax planning makes it easy to pay the taxes and improve your business.

Oraclecpa is one of the best accounting services companies in Vancouver. So if you’re near Vancouver or any other regions in Canada you can easily contact us. Our consultants will talk to you and make it clear that you are due to take which steps.

You need to contact us as soon as possible if you are looking for a loyal qualified accounting company.

Why Do I Need Business Tax Planning?

Business tax planning is the best way to control your company taxes. If you have taken a look at our other blogs you would know that taxes include all your income. As a result, you should set them in a way that will bring profit not lack of money.

If you have a good tax planner they would set the taxes in a way that the expenses are enough to pay the taxes on time.

It takes a lot to gain the qualification to set the taxes for an individual. So, you may probably need to ask for help from a good group of accountants.

However, you need to pay attention that the bookkeepers need to record and report financial statements in a way that they are easilly analyzed.

What Do Tax Planners Do?

Tax planners are well-organized people who will record all the financial reports. They may keep them physically so that they can use them after a while if something is possibly in trouble.

Paying the taxes is due at the end of the tax year so you must be knowledge of the due time to pay. A business tax planner would be aware of every single important date.

At the end of the tax year you are allowed to pay tax for all the income you received which called incoming taxes.

A good business tax planner makes everything easier for you as they organize taxes in a way that they are lowered. You can find the best way to lower taxes and save more money so in the end your expense is enough to pay the taxes.

If you are eager follow the article to get to know tge most common ways to lower taxes in Canada for business tax planning.

Reduce Taxes and Important Tasks

Use your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

Maximizing your RRSP contributions for the year is one of the best ways to reduce your taxes regardless of whether you work for an employer or are self-employed.

Your contributions in your RRSP grow tax-free since you withdraw your money in retirement. As you receive lower income, you pay less income tax.

Maximize your employer benefits

Usually employers give certain benefits to their employees. You have to make sure to explore all the benefits that apply to you and take advantage of them.

However, you will need to be mindful of your RRSP contribution room for the year, especially if you are also making personal contributions to a separate registered retirement savings plan.

Asides from pension contributions, other perks that can lead to more money for your pockets include benefits or reimbursements for health-related costs, employment relocations, work-from-home benefits, educational and professional development expenses, etc

It is important to note that when filing your income tax and benefit return, you cannot claim expenses that have been reimbursed by an employer.

Write-off capital losses

If there are any capital gains made by you in the year, these will be taxed which is one-half of your gains. Capital gains generally arise when you dispose of a capital property through a sale or transfer, and are more than the adjusted cost base of the property.

If you have a capital loss in a year, you can use it to reduce your capital gains in the same year. And this will definitely lower the taxes in your business.

Use Your Tax Free Savings Accounts

If your business has a tax free savings account then you can easily grow your income without paying taxes on it. In this way, you will reduce the taxes.

when you grow your income through a tax-free savings account, since  your contributions to a TFSA are from your after-tax income, when you earn investment income in your TFSA, you are able to receive this income without paying tax on it.

File All the Taxes Before the Due Time

We have been told that all the taxes have a deadline to be paid so if you file them before the deadline it will give you the time and comfort to do everything at a slower speed and you can also avoid the associated fees and penalties so you can keep the money for yourself and enjoy the journey.

Hire Someone to Do Business Tax Plann

If you have got paid employment your taxes and income taxes can be easy to calculate but when it comes to more complex issues you will probably need someone who is in charge and knows how to deal with probable errors. As a novice you might not be aware of many existing ways to reduce taxes and save more money so, the experts will help you in this particular important subject.

Incorporate your business

If your business is claimed as a cooperation it will  claim more deductions and you are allowed to pay a relatively lower rated tax. In this way, you are actually using a legal way to ditch the higher priced taxes. And this delicate art is done by special accountants that are qualified in what they do.

When Am I Supposed to Use Business Tax Planning

It is really good to have an accountant as a tax planner at the start of your business because they know the reports day to day and daily they can set and organize the taxes. However if you were not aware of the information; never is late. You can also hire the tax planner before the due time and you need to give them all the detailed information they require.

How Can I Reach Oraclecpa

Oraclecpa is honored to tell that it is one of the best accounting companies in Vancouver. You can be near us or everywhere in Canada such as Surrey, Fraserhill, Burnaby, etc, still you can contact us. First when you reach our team they will ask for information and financial statements of your business. By the way, you will be surprised that we also provide bookkeeping services. Our bookkeepers know how to organize the reports so that our tax planners would analyze them easily.

In this case, all the information is well analyzed and it reduces the chance of making mistakes. Years of hard work and experience made it easy for our experts to communicate with the clients and deal with the problems wisely and perfectly. Oraclecpa is honored because your trust makes us unique. Do not waste any other seconds and call us.

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