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Tax planning in Vancouver- When you take the first steps of a new business, it is always a matter of making it or breaking it. We mean the first steps are really important and crucial.

What we are aware of based on years of experience is that if you are planning the next steps gradually and carefully it will end up to a wonderful result, but if you are not sure about the following decisions that would turn into a real problem.


Challenges for a Business Owner

Surely you know how to be in charge of a business and you might have accepted the upcoming issues, while dealing with establishing a firm and taking the risk.

One of the most important and probable problems which may find you in the middle of the journey is to have errors in tax or even worse not to be able to pay the tax.


What Is Tax Planning?

One of the most important subjects that requires high expense is related to the tax planning.

If you are not careful with the tax planning you are to pay a lot of more money just because you are not qualified enough.

When it comes to reducing the tax expense, we do not mean to ditch the law or do illegal work; we just mean there are ways to stop paying unnecessary expenses that are provided by the bookkeepers and accountants.


Tax Efficiency and What It Does?

Tax is based on what law decides to be asked from the business managers.

When you manage to spend the least money as a tax it is called tax efficiency.

During the process people may misunderstand the differences between tax efficiency and ditching the tax.

Here is the thing, when you ditch the law, it is illegal and it leads to the end of your business, however, tax efficiency is legal and it would lead to a big profit.


Possible Ways to Reach Tax Efficiency:

  • 1- It can be unbelievable how opening an income producing account can help you get the tax efficiency you wish.

In this way, the income is tax-deferred; it is like having an individual retirement account.

In this case, the investment is automatically reinvested which leads to growing tax-deferred by the time of withdrawal.

When you place the amount of funds into a retirement account you are actually saving tax by reducing the year’s income.

  • Using tax efficient mutual funds is a way of reducing tax as it generates lower rates of returns.
  • Long-term capital gain or loss can help you a lot.

If a sale of qualifying investment is owned for longer than twelve months then the long-term capital gain or loss is created which actually results in more favorable tax treatments.

It might be useful to know that long term losses will make long term gain, in the future.

On the other hand, if you are able to offset taxable capital gains with current or past capital losses you can reduce the amount of investment profit that is considered to be taxed.

  • Irrevocable trust is one of the best ways to reach tax efficiency.

We know, you are too excited to know why?

So, we go straightforward to the reasons.

When you use irrevocable trusts, you are, in fact, removing the assets from your taxable estates, thus you won’t need to pay the tax for the particular part.

Now, you can get to the point that revocable trust makes the assets count into the properties that you are due to pay tax for.

Considerations of Tax Planning:

Tax planning in Vancouver has to deal with a lot of vital processes.

For example, we can mention:

  • timing of income
  • planning for the expenditure
  • selections of investments
  • size and timing of purchases
  • types of retirement plans

If you do every single step of this process well enough, then you will be able to get the best result and profit by reducing the amount of money you have to pay on taxes.

What about Inherited Property?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions.

The answer to this question is simple.

In Vancouver, when you are somehow transferring your property to someone the taxes are included in every single piece of property you own by the time you die.

However, it is worth a shot to tell you that if the capital gain is the principal residence at the moment of passing away, it is not incurred.

By the way, if you have more than one property the taxes are due to be paid and you cannot reduce it.

You might have some questions about the laws and rules of taxes in Vancouver. If so, you can follow the blog to get to know more about the taxes and the team of Oraclecpa.

As you might find it confusing to deal with all the numbers and rules.

Our team is always proud to serve the best accounting services.

tax planning in vancouver

Here are the most asked questions we have found based on the people in Vancouver:

  1. Why Should I File Tax Returns?

Actually, this is an easy question to answer.

When the tax returns are filed, they are organized in a way that they can be easily analyzed by the accountants and they offer clearer ways to reduce the taxes and as a result your taxes are paid in a well-organized way.

  1. What Are the Most Important Taxes in Vancouver that We Have to Pay?

There are different types of taxes that are to be paid in Vancouver.

If you work with our team of accountants, you will never ever need to know the taxes because your accountants are aware of every single detail.

But generally, here are the most important taxes in Vancouver that are obligated to be paid in Vancouver:

  • payroll source deductions
  • corporation income tax
  • individuals
  1. Why Should a Company Pay Tax?

It is not about Vancouver, every single province has its own rules and laws about paying the taxes, especially, for the business owners.

The money is paid to the governments and this is not something that you can change or something.

  1. What Is Relevant Contracts Tax?

This is a type of tax which is only due to be paid when you operate in construction, meat-processing or forestry.

We have mentioned different important types of taxes earlier but if you are eager to get to know them a little bit better and more detailed; follow the article (remember these are just business-related taxes and they may change based on the business or products that you are working on):

_Income Tax:

If you are in charge of a company, every single penny that you receive, as a part of your salary, dividend or distribution is considered as something which is taxed and you should pay tax for it.

_Corporation Tax:

This is a tax that is based on the profits you make for the company or business. The government would decide how much money you are supposed to pay based on the rules in Vancouver.

However, the Oraclecpa team knows all about the rules in Vancouver.



If your business is providing a service or selling goods and products this type of tax is due to be paid for them.

Remember, this is a delicate job to calculate the amount of money for the VAT, so, we suggest not to do it on your own because it may lead to breaking down.


When your company is paying employees for the job they do, then you are supposed to pay the taxes for their wages.

Remember PAYE, PRSI, and USC are the types of taxes that are obligated to be paid on behalf of your workers, so the Revenue can get the money from you anyway.

_Capital Gain Tax:

This is actually one of the important taxes that is paid by the business owners. It is the tax that is based on selling one of the principal parts of your business.

_Dividend Withholding Tax:

This type of tax planning in Vancouver is considered as part of the tax of companies that make dividend or distributions to their shareholders.

_Professional Services Withholding Tax:

If your business or company is somehow providing special services to the State, then it is to pay tax to the state for the payment it receives from the State.

Why Should I Trust Oraclecpa with tax planning in Vancouver?

We mentioned all the taxes that are important to be paid for company.

When you are running a business, it is vital for you to be well-organized and pay all the taxes on time.

On the other hand, the process of calculating the tax and finding different solutions to reduce them is breathtaking and unnecessary to be done by the manager themselves.

So, what is the best way to deal with taxes?

As you know, Oraclecpa is filled with accountants and bookkeepers that are experts in filling the tax returns and paying taxes.

Our accountancy is in Vancouver, so if you are in Vancouver or even in Canada and need tax planning services, you can contact us by a quick phone call.

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